NASC Board Meeting Info

Attention all NASC Officers, Board Members and All Clubs:


SATURDAY AUGUST 26, 8:00 AM at theArcadia Masonic Center, 50 W. Duarte Rd. Arcadia

A summary of the June meeting minutes are posted below. If you are a Club Officer, Board member, Member Club Representative, or an interested Club member please attend.


NASC’s board meeting was held in conjunction with the Long Beach Expo on 6/10/17 (a few days before I wrapped up this issue of TCN).

Treasurer Jay Robinson’s report showed solvency in the amount of $39,187.72, with $6,835.63 of that being in the checking account, but not including the value of some donated gold coins.

See page 8 for Harold Katzman’s corresponding secretary’s report. Harold also manages the Member Club Benefit Gold Drawing, and again has 35 gold coins valued at over $4,000 up for grabs, with a slabbed $20 St. Gaudens as the top prize. Email him at if you need tickets.

Recording Secretary Albertus Hoogeveen’s minutes of the last meeting were slightly amended, then approved.

Awards Chair John Duff will be arranging a meeting to choose among any folks nominated for the Goodson (service), Junior Achievement (YN’s), and Speaker of the Year awards. Email him at if you have any suggestions for appropriate recipients.

ANA Representative Walt Ostromecki talked about the ANA’s “Coins for A’s” program, a ton of new material on the org website for YN’s, and mentioned that there would be some specialevents taking place during the 50th anniversary celebration of the ANA’s headquarters in Colorado Springs on August 6 (shuttle to be available for $30 from the World’s Fair of Money being held in nearby Denver)—though the celebration is free, registration is required by July 18.

As NASC’s YN chair, Walt also talked about the Boy Scout merit badge workshop to be held at the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) in August, with the NASC providing Whitman folders for the scouts touse. Don Berry will be hosting a YN table during the show as well, so YN’s should have plenty to do.

As far as other plans for GSCS, there will again be a banquet with Wood Ranch BBQ (see info on GSCS activities and banquet form elsewhere in this issue), a gold raffle (Harold’s 35 gold coins mentioned previously), as well as grading and authentication by ANACS at reduced show prices. There will also be a dealer in coin supplies to round out the show offerings. Publicity Chair Bob Thompson covered his extensive advertising plans for GSCS, so it should again be well attended.

A late discussion/vote defined NASC’s policy on annual dues notices to be: first goes out in November, a follow-up in January for any not yet received, a personal follow-up by a board member (or other NASC repre- sentative) to any still non-returning members in February, and theofficial drop from the roll inMarch after a final review.

The next NASC meeting will be held August 26 at 8am at the GSCS. Hope to see you there.

(From Mike Kittle: prior to the June 2017 Board meeting)

Hello everyone,I hope that you all are having a peaceful Holiday weekend. Just a reminder that our next NASC Board meeting is scheduled to be held in Room 102-C of the Long Beach Convention Center from 8am-10am on June 10, 2017.

I believe our last meeting (first time meeting at the Long Beach Convention Center) was well attended and am hopeful that attendance will continue to be strong. In particular, if you are active in a local coin club, please ask them to send their NASC Representatives to the meeting!

An agenda for the upcoming meeting is copied below and is also attached in PDF format as I know some of our email programs like to rearrange and mess up text when copied over sometimes. As you will see, the main topic of discussion will be our upcoming Golden State Coin Show in Arcadia August 26-27.

Under new business we will have a discussion concerning our membership procedures. I know it is very difficult to get new members to the NASC. I have signed up dozens in the last couple years and it is not easy. Lately, we have all heard of many of our members not renewing and that is disappointing. It seems that given how hard it is to sign up members, we let them go far too easily. Currently, a notice for dues is sent out and if they do not respond it seems that we lose them forever. I do not think that we are doing enough. Accordingly, I will be proposing that once a member fails to pay, we temporarily convert them to a digital membership (this costs us nothing). At that time, the President (and maybe another officer/board member too) will be required to personally reach out to that member to try to see why they are not renewing and maybe get them to renew. Finally, to actually terminate a membership (even for non-payment of dues) I think we should require more than a single board member to confirm/approve that termination. We will of course discuss this more at the meeting. I just wanted to get you all thinking about this issue as we can’t just let our members go so easily. We should fight to keep them and we can all do more. When I look at the list of folks being cut as members for non-payment, I know many of them personally and know they likely want to stay involved in NASC. Let’s try harder!

If you have a report prepared for this upcoming meeting (i.e. Treasurer’s Report, etc.), please reply all to this email sometime before our meeting so that we all have the information in advance. Thanks.

Finally, for those that have asked, our NASC gold raffle tickets have been printed! I received confirmation of that from Albertus earlier today, so I am hopeful that Harold will be mailing the tickets out to the member clubs ASAP (please do not just wait another two weeks until Long Beach)!

Thanks again to all of you for all your hard work for the NASC. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. See you in Long Beach in a couple weeks!


Numismatic Association of Southern California Board Meeting
Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Long Beach Convention Center Room 102-C Long Beach, CA


1. Call to order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Quorum Check

4. Treasurer’ s Report: Jay Robinson

5. Corresponding Secretary’ s Report: Harold Katzman

6. Recording Secretary’ s Report: Albertus Hoogeveen

7. Historian’ s Report: George Moore III

8. Committee Reports (if any) 2016-2018 NASC Committee Chairs

ANA Representative:Walt Ostromecki
Awards:John Duff
Awards Recognition Event:Don Berry
CSNA Representative:Phil Iversen
Editor:Greg Burns

Finance & Budget:Jay Robinson
Gold Benefit Drawing:Harold Katzman
Golden State Coin Show:Don Berry
Grievances:Dennis Berry
Legal Advisor: Michael Kittle
Membership:Albertus Hoogeveen
Policy & Procedures:Harold Katzman
Photographer:Greg Burns
Property:Don Berry
Publicity:Bob Thompson
Sergeant at Arms:Dennis Berry
Speakers Bureau:Virginia Bourke
Webmaster:Jim Phillips
Young Numismatists:Don Berry

9. Old Business

a. Golden State Coin Show – August 26-27, 2017

i. Awards – Nominations and Selection of Winners

ii. Banquet – Immediately following close of bourse on Saturday evening at
the Masonic Lodge – Dinner catered by Wood Ranch BBQ – Award
presentations following.
Gold Raffle
Dealers/Bourse Update
Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshop – Update from Walt and Albertus. Request for reimbursement of program expenses to be considered by Board.
Staffing at Show – The NASC needs your help in running our annual show. Please be prepared to volunteer some time at registration, gold ticket sales, set-up/teardown, YN table, etc.

b. NASC 501(c)(3) Reinstatement c.

10. New Business
a. Membership Procedure Revisions

i. Convert Non-Renewals to Temporary Digital Membership? – Proposal to automatically convert unpaid members to a temporary digital membership.

ii. President and/or Board Approval to Terminate Membership? – Proposal to require President (and/or other Board Members) to reach out to personally reach out to unpaid member before termination of their membership.

iii. Membership List Access to Board Members – Proposal that Corresponding Secretary shall provide full unredacted membership list and contact information to President & Treasurer quarterly and to any other Board member upon their request.

11. Corrections to the Minutes

12. Announcements

13. Future Meetings
Saturday, August 26, 2017 – 8:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m. – Arcadia, CA
Saturday, September 9, 2017 – 8:00 a.m – 10:00 a.m. – Long Beach, CA
Saturday, February 24, 2018 – 8:00 a.m – 10:00 a.m. – Long Beach, CA
Saturday, June 16, 2018 – 8:00 a.m – 10:00 a.m. – Long Beach, CA

14. Adjournment

Hello all,

Attached you will find my June 2017 Treasurer's report for your review. Gold on hand value is determined by the cost on invoices submitted to me for reimbursement. This may not reflect any gold on hand from previous years, or that have not been submitted to me yet for reimbursement. Please print yourself a copy of the report for the meeting as I will only be bringing a limited number with me.

Jay Robinson


NASC held their board meeting at the Long Beach Expo on February 18 (site of the next meeting scheduled for June 10 as well; it will start at 8AM). Twelve showed up and a quorum was present. The group held a moment of silence for Tom Fitzgerald.

Treasurer Jay Robinson handed out a report showing total assets (minus any gold) of $35,105.52, with $29,049.91 of that in a CD.

It was noted that many of the club directory entries lack phone numbers and email addresses, a key element people look for when considering a visit to a club. Folks looking for a club to join or visit are more likely to use the phone or email rather than a PO box. Please check your club’s listing for accuracy, and if missing these important contact points send in the information so it can be included in future TCNs.

Historian George Moore III accepted various NASC ephemera from Phil Iversen: a 50th-anniversary event pamphlet, NASC wooden nickels, and the ANA co-host plaque from the 2016 show in LA. Phil’s digging around in old boxes paid off financially as well:He found an envelope left over from the 2014 Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) chaired by Kay Lenker containing $1,102.14 in cash and checks for bourse fees, now safely in Jay Robinson’s hands.

As the general chair for the upcoming GSCS in August, Don Berry is soliciting items for the YN table: wheat cents, blue Whitman folders, books, whatever one may care to contributed. Don also noted we’d have the same type of banquet (more details in the next issue), and that we’d catch up on the 25- and 50-year membership recognitions.

Harold Katzman reported he’d soon be getting the gold drawing tickets out for the upcoming GSCS. The budget will likely be around $3,500-4,000 for the variety of gold coins that will be available, so it should be a great selection of material. Buy lots of tickets! Harold also stated he’d arranged to take possession of the NASC dies and medals from Joyce Kuntz now that Masterpiece Medallions is no more.

The board had recently approved by email voting having "The NASC Quarterly" hosted by the Newman Numismatic Portal. I’ve boxed the issues and sent them off to Washington University in St. Louis where they’re now being scanned. They’ll undoubtedly be available on the NNP site before our next issue.

Again, the next NASC meeting will be at the June Long Beach Expo, and the meeting is open to everyone. In fact, club repre- sentatives are specifically requested to attend.

Hello everyone, (Mike Kittle, NASC President)

Just reaching out to you all as a friendly reminder in advance of ournext NASC Board meetingscheduled to be held inRoom 102-C of the Long Beach Convention Center from 8am-10am onFebruary 18, 2017. As previously discussed, because this meeting is the Saturday morning of the Long Beach Coin Expo before the show opens to the public, I am hopeful that our Board attendance will be strong and that we will also have better club attendance as I know many folks from member clubs will be at that show anyways.

I do not have contact information at hand for each of our NASC member clubs and their club representatives, so if you are involved in any of our local clubs, please reach out to any of them that you can and urge them to have a club representative present at this meeting. We will also have the bonus checks earned by each club in our August 2016 gold raffle at the meeting available for pick up, so that should be added incentive for clubs to attend!

We do not have a formal agenda set for this meeting as it should be a relatively short meeting. There will be the basics like approval of the minutes, treasurer’s report and updates on old business of course. If you are a committee chair and have news to report, please bring that as you will have the opportunity to share that with us as well. I am hopeful that this meeting will be more of an open discussion (especially if we have attendance by more club reps) about how the NASC can continue to fulfill its mission of growing the numismatic hobby throughout Southern California and how we can help our member clubs do that more effectively. Please bring your ideas and be prepared to share.

Additionally, the NASC had its first electronic vote a recently regarding the scanning and publication of past NASC Quarterly magazines by the Newman Numismatic Portal in St. Louis. I did not see our corresponding secretary get back to you all with the results of that vote, but in talking with him a few weeks ago I confirmed that the vote was approved by a large margin (I believe 11-2, but will look for Harold to provide the official report). Accordingly, the process to have the old publications scanned is now underway and we should have more updates on this project in a few months.

Finally, as most of you already know, one of our past presidents, Tom Fitzgerald passed away last week. Phil Iversen informed me last night that the funeral mass for Tom will conflict with our Board meeting in Long Beach on February 18. Please let us know if you will not be attending the Board meeting because of this unfortunate conflict, thanks.

Thanks again to all of you for all your hard work for the NASC. Please let me know if you have any questions. See you in Long Beach next week!


Michael J. Kittle

Michael Kittle Rare Coins
P.O. Box388
Agoura Hills,CA91376-0388
(818) 451-9199


The NASC held their most recent board meeting on October 29 in Glendale. With six in attendance no quorum was reached so no official business could be voted upon, but the meeting minutes reflect the following.

As part of his corresponding secretary’s report, Harold Katzman noted that the membership records have been updated to account for four deceased members who’d been previously listed as unpaid.

Treasurer Jay Robinson sent in a report showing CDs worth $29,043.45 plus a cash balance going forward of $10,042.96, totalling $39,046.81.

Awards Chair John Duff pointed out that NASC needed to recognize their 25- and 50-year members, and passed along appropriate names to George Moore. I’m guessing that was for the purpose of engraving some type of memento to pass along.

Harold Katzman reported that the Member Club Gold Benefit Draw-
ing enjoyed total income of $5,490, with the club ticket sales accounting for $4,204 of that. Considering gold purchases totaling $4,065 and printing/mailing expenses of $309 (total expenses of $4,374) there was net income of $1,146. Sounds like a successful event, with happy gold winners and richer club treasuries.

Don Berry reported that the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) overall came out ahead with net profit of $237.97. A deposit has already been made for the Arcadia facility for the August 26-27, 2017 show.

Also reporting on the GSCS, Publicity Chair Bob Thompson said that the total advertising expense totaled a bit over $650. This was used for ads in many SoCal paper weeklies, as well as various websites and paper flyers. Ads were also placed in major hobby publications such as Coin World and the ANA’s The Numismatist.

Regarding NASC property, Don Berry stated he needed to get together with Phil Iversen (the guy who’s put in much “blood, sweat, and tears” in organization property storage over the years), and see exactly what NASC stores in the space shared with CSNA. Various archives and historical material is kept in cabinets and boxes in the space, and perhaps it can be trimmed down, thereby reducing expenses.

The subject of having the Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) scan old issue of The NASC Quarterly was again brought up. A previous observation that various addresses were published therein overlooked the simple fact that issues are already posted online (www. Though there seemed to be general assent to NNP performing their magic, the lack of a quorum meant that the voting would have to be done by email.

The next NASC board meeting will be held in Room 102-C of the Long Beach Convention Center from 8am-10am on February 18, 2017.


NASC held a board meeting May 7 in Arcadia. A moment of silence was held to reflect upon the passing of G. Lee Kuntz.

Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman reported that there were quite a few drops from the membership renewals, mostly first-year members, though also a quarter of the clubs. Harold was going to send another notice out (you can see the latest update in his report on pages 8 and 9).

Treasurer Tony Micciche gave his report with a final net worth of $35,836.72, plus the gold coins that were to be distributed in the drawing during the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS).

ANA Representative Walt Ostromecki was absent, but there was a bit of discussion on the then-upcoming ANA show in Anaheim (report elsewhere in this issue). A motion was also passed to make 2,500 wooden nickels for the ANA show, one side with the NASC logo, and the other side with the ANA anniversary logo.

Due to the passing of G. Lee Kuntz, Joyce Kuntz has resigned her position as awards chairman, a position now held by John Duff. There were no nominations received for many of the NASC awards, in spite of a special mailing to the member clubs by Harold Katzman and inclusion ofa solicitation in TCN. Hopefully this will get back on track for the upcom- ing 2017 award year.

Michael Kittle relayed the plans for the GSCS banquet, which ended up being held at the bourse location (photos available in the GCSC report elsewhere in this issue).

Phil Iversen took on the role of CSNA representative which Joyce also vacated.

I gave my normal editor’s report and made a pitch about the NNP for the old The NASC Quarterly, but board concerns about privacy (con- tact information is published in the issues) resulted in a decision not to permit scanning and distribution. Odd, because the same information is in the digital TCNs provided online at www. Whatever. An additional 500 extra copies of TCN were to be printed to distribute at the ANA show, similar to the 500 extra copies of the previous issue that were distributed at the spring Long Beach Expo. We’ll have to see if those seeds sprout into new members.

Harold Katzman gave a report on all the gold coins for the drawing. See the GSCS report in this issue for a summary of how that went as well as other photos and news from the show.

GSCS Chair Don Berry said that the Santa Clara show was to be held the same weekend as the GSCS, a disappointing piece of news as the two then were competing for many of the same dealers. I understand that the 2017 show won’t have that conflict, which is good news.

Michael Kittle has taken overthe role of legal adviser because he’s already a practicing attorney and has been instrumental in getting NASC’s legal status rehabilitated (no news at this time on that front).

Publicity Chair Bob Thompson read off a litany of news organs he’d submitted information to regarding the GSCS, and it included 40 (!) foreign language newspapers, in addition to the usual Numismatic News, Coin World, and online sources.

Under new business came a piece of info on a donation by Stacks Bowers of a trailer load of auction catalogs. Don Berry has picked them up.

The nominating committee provided a white ballot list of nominees for the 2016-2018 officers. Turn to page 77 to read all the details, butthe highlights are President Michael Kittle, Vice President Don Berry, Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman, Recording Secretary Albertus Hoogeveen, Treasurer Jay Robin-son, and Historian George MooreIII. The board members are Dennis Berry, John Duff, Alex Jaramillo,Walt Ostromecki, Jim Phillips, Bob Thompson, and Phil Iversen (as past president).

There was another NASC board meeting held during the GSCS itself (8/27/16 specifically), but again due to that pesky job I have (my creditors like to keep me employed), I was on business travel and couldn’t attend. Fortunately Michael Kittle was able to provide me a draft copy of Albertus Hoogeveen’s report, and I’ll summarize significant items following:

Harold Katzman reported that NASC picked up four junior members and five regular members during the ANA convention.

Tony Micciche’s latest treasurer’s report showed NASC’s net worth as $37,809.99 (improved over previous).

Walt Ostromecki reported that at the ANA convention there were a total of 163 boy and girl scouts attending the merit badge workshops and approximately 100 parents in attendance as well. Roy Iwata did an outstanding job as exhibit chairman, and artist Julia Kelly did 887 caricature drawings at the show.

Bob Thompson passed along the final tally of all the advertising he had arranged to promote the GSCS: $600.

Most of the rest of the meeting was the usual reports with nothing exceptionally significant. Later in the day at the banquet the official discharge of the previous officers occurred imme- diately followed by the installation of the new officers and directors.

The next NASC board meeting is Saturday, October 29, 9AM-noonat the Citibank community meeting roomin Montrose at 2350 Honolulu Avenue.


NASC’s May meeting had Roy Iwata reporting net finances of $35,836.72.

NASC will be printing 500 addi- tional copies of this issue for publicity purposes (and use during the ANA show in August).

NASC declined to digitize/host The NASC Quarterly via NNP, but may reconsider if current names and contact info of officials can be redacted.

A unananimous (white ballot) vote was taken to elect the new executive body: President Michael Kittle, VP Don Berry, Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman, Recording Secre- tary Albertus Hoogeveen, Treasurer Jay Robinson, and Historian George Moore III. Board members will be Walt Ostromecki, Bob Thompson,

Jim Phillips, Alex Jaramillo, Dennis Berry, John Duff, and as immediate past president, Phil Iversen. Treasurer emeritus is Kay Lenker. I’m supposing these are effective with an installation at the award banquet.

I understood that Stacks Bowers was donating some auction catalogs, and perhaps someone might be suggesting they take an ad in TCN (that would be nice).

Please send out the following message to all NASC officers, board members and club representatives:

It is my duty to inform you that I have recently received via email aletter of resignation from Joyce Kuntz indicating that she hasimmediately relinquished her position as Chairperson of the AwardsCommittee for the NASC.

Her duties were to hold an meeting in the Spring of each year and askpeople to attend and vote for best club publications as well as all of theannual awards that the organization has available to present each year.

Therefore, I am looking for a volunteer to take over this importantfunction so that decisions can be made and awards can presented atthe Golden State Coin Show dinner on Saturday, August. 27”‘.

If you are interested in taking over this important responsibility pleasecontact me immediately and I will send you the most recent Policy andProcedure for you to review and see if you would be willing to now fillthis position.

If nobody responds by May 2"d the board will vote for best clubpublications at the May 7”‘ Board Meeting.

Phil Iversen, NASC President

The following is from the Spring issue of the TCN and will certainly be an agenda issue for the May meeting:

January 2016 Board Meeting Synopsis (provided by NASC President Phil Iversen via the Spring 2016 TCN)

Not too much in the way of news. Walt commented on plans for the ANA this summer. I will be investigating charges for creating a wooden nickel to be passed out at the show. Harold is still looking for volunteers to help during the event.

I reported that Kay Lenker was recovering nicely after having an accident while taking a world tour and get well cards would be appreciated.
I also gave a report on the upcoming CSNA Educational Symposium that will take place on April 21st in the Van Nuys room of the Van Nuys Holiday Inn Express located one block east of the San Diego Freeway (405) using the Roscoe Boulevard exit. Free parking and admission plus nice door prizes.

No discussion was made about digitizing the TCN or “old” Quarterly publication using the Newman Numismatic Portal, as the board was unfamiliar as to what this entailed, so it was tabled until the next meeting where I hope you will be able to explain in detail what that’s all about.

Don Berry was appointed to be “Show Chairman” for the August GSCS and will oversee the entire event and other workers plus serving as bourse chairman while his family will be helping out serving food in the kitchen. Phil Iversen mentioned that this will be the last event after 25 years where he will help dealing with the set-up and take-down of cases, electrical, etc.

Harold disbursed tickets for the gold coin drawing.

The next scheduled meeting is set for Saturday, May 7th at the Masonic Hall in Arcadia starting at 10AM.

November 2015 Board meetingSynopsis (provided by NASC Recording Secretary Albertus Hoogeveen via the Winter 2015 TCN)

NASC held their board meeting November 17, right when I had a busi- ness trip for my day job, so I’ll rely on Recording Secretary Albertus Hoogeveen’s draft minutes for that portion of this report.

Treasurer Tony Micciche reported NASC’s net worth at $43,178.40, plus $772 in value in gold coins (I guess stock for next year’s gold drawing). The cash flow for the quarter(I assume the third of the year) was positive. Tony’s also the Finance and Budget chair, and in that role reported that the full year’s cash flow was negative to the tune of $380.04.

Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman took the action item to create a new membership application for NASC showing new rates, etc. Seeit in this issue. You can see Harold’s regular report on page 8 of this issue.

Mary Yahalom gave some of late husband Jerry’s NASC-related items to Historian George Moore III, and Phil Iversen passed along some past convention ribbons (those must have been pretty old as NASC hasn’t done that for quite a while).

Awards Recognition Events Chair Mike Kittle mentioned trying to get a reduced price for the annual banquet, and suggested that the ticket pricebe included in the table fee paid by dealers (thereby likely getting more dealers to attend). Perhaps a change to a larger location might be considered for next year.

Gold Drawing Chair Harold Katzman reported that there was anupward adjustment made in the amount provided to the NASC mem- ber clubs based upon their ticket sales. A motion was passed that the budget for the next year’s drawing would be $5,000 for gold and silver coins, and that all profits would be given to the NASC member clubs.

Lucky new Grievances Chair Don Berry said that no one was complain- ing, so he had nothing to report.

I’ll bet a fair amount of discussion was held on the NASC 501(c)(3) status (in abeyance while the association attempts to get it retroactively reinstated). Mike Kittle is doing the great bulk of the work pro bono (fancy legal term meaning “free of charge”), but the fee to the IRS will run $850, and that entity works pretty slowly, so it make take a while. Tony Micciche helped jinn up some of our financial records to support Mike’s application, and there were other forms neededto support the activity that were also arranged.

At some point, and at the behest of the CSNA board, CSNA President Howard Feltham brought up the topic of a possible merger between CSNA and NASC. NASC discussed it briefly and voted to table any further consideration until after the 2016 ANA convention (guess everyone’s plate is a little full right now).

NASC voted to pay an incremental cost to have an extra 500 copies ofThe California Numismatist • Winter 2015TCN printed up (of this issue) in order to have something to hand out at the next Long Beach expo, and I understood that 1,000 would likewise be produced of a future issue for the 2016 ANA convention. The hope is that the extra hand-out copies will introduce folks to TCN and the other benefits of association membership as an inducement to join.

Policy and Procedures Chair Harold Katzman handed out revisions to the following P&P’s, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, policy and procedure committee, nominating committee, and elections committee. Sounds busy. Might be an interesting thing to put up on the website.

Publicity Chair Bob Thompson relayed that he’d advertised the as- sociation in 24 English language newspapers and 25 foreign language newspapers, and had spent $700 on ads during the year (with perhaps another $100 being spent from other sources).

Like the lucky Don Berry, NASC Sargent at Arms Glenn Franks re- ported that there was no excitement in his corner. Must be nice to have such a congenial team.

Webmaster Jim Phillips discussed the association site, and you can read up on some of his topics in an article elsewhere in this issue of TCN.

This is apparently a very abbreviated report, because I see from Albertus’ draft minutes that the meeting started at 10:02 AM and adjourned at 2:06 PM, a marathon four hours and four minutes.

The next NASC meeting will be on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at 10:00AM at the Arcadia Masonic Center in Arcadia.

August 2015 Board Meeting Synopsis (provided courtesy Greg Burns)

NASC held their board meeting the morning of the opening day of
the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS). Meetings on the day of the GSCS are always a little rushed due to some of the participants also being dealers who need to attend to their tables, but we squeezed in quite a bit for the hour and a half we met.

You can read up on the essence of Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman’s report on page 8 of the fall TCN. Harold also told us that he had mailed out 23 copies of TCN to correct a snafu in the last mailing which didn’t include some of our newest NASC members, so hopefully everyone is all “up to speed” in the TCN delivery department. If not, please do contact Harold and let him know, and he’ll make it right.

Treasurer Tony Micciche reported that the NASC moneybags contained
exactly $41,995.06, not including the gold which had been acquired for the drawing at the show. It’s an asset, and Harold reported that around $3,000 had been spent for the gold, so there’s that, too.

Historian George Moore III, Publicity Chairman Bob Thompson, and Speakers Bureau Chair Virginia Bourke were all absent, so nothing
to report from those quarters. There was apparently some confusion about when the meeting was to be held (last issue of TCN said Sunday, but turned out to be on Saturday), so perhaps that contributed to their absences.

Walt Ostromecki relayed some of the news relating to the 2016 ANA World’s Fair of Money event at the Anaheim Convention Center next August 9-13, 2016. Garrett Burke was scheduled to swing by the GSCS to go over some event medal concepts, and folks should start thinking about submitting exhibit applications (I was told that Roy Iwata would be working that), and applications to speak at the Numismatic Theatre events. Walt also presented an ANA Presidential Award to Harold Katzman, and the thud of Harold’s jaw dropping to the floor (re- ally, you should have seen his numbed and surprised reaction, it was classic) was felt as far north as San Francisco.

Awards Chair Joyce Kuntz told us she was ready with the awards for the banquet that night, and Awards Recognition Event Chairman Mike Kittle thanked Joyce for her guiding help as he made the arrangements for the banquet held that evening. See the GSCS report page for more info on the evening’s festivities.

As previously mentioned, about $3,000 was spent for the MemberClub Gold Benefit Drawing, and Harold Katzman had jinned up a bevy of different promotions to sell tickets. We won’t have the totals by the time this issue goes to press, but my guess is that we didn’t lose much, if any.

Don Berry agreed to a new appointment as grievance chair. Should be a cushy job as it’s such a genial crowd.

Policies and Procedures Chair Harold Katzman (he wears a lot of hats, huh?) brought up three new revisions for everyone to look over and vote on. The revised president’s one passed, as did the revision to the corresponding secretary’s one. We started running out of time, so a revision to a little used “Participation Incentive Policy and Procedure” was tabled till the next meeting. It appears most member clubs don’t realize that NASC is a confederation of clubs, and that each club should send a representative to discuss and vote on matter before the NASC group. Perhaps the participating incentive approach will encourage more club reps, the idea being that representatives could earn credits for their attendance and participation at NASC meetings and functions, and those credits could be used for offsetting banquet or gold drawing ticket costs.

Property Chairman Robert Wu suggested updating some of the NASC signage and cases, but I didn’t hear of any definite outcome of that.

Sargent at Arms Glenn Frank, like the grievance chair, had nothing taxing to do, but was present just in case.

Webmaster Jim Phillips reported on the progress, now complete, of getting Paypal and credit cards accepted for membership dues and other income on the NASC site (www.NASC. net). Jim also reported that he intended to start an NASC Facebook page, but hasn’t gotten much past the concept stage at this point. Look for more info on that in our next issue.

Mike Kittle gave us a short summary on the 501c3 status, and it sounds more complex than initially envisioned. Lots of forms, statements, paperwork, some going back to 2009 or so. Ick. The group will keep working on it though.

NASC voted to cover the cost of giveaway coin booklets to the 70- some Boy Scouts scheduled to attend the workshop at the GSCS, so that was good support for local YNs. There being no corrections to the previous meeting’s minutes and no announcements, Phil Iversen banged his gavel and concluded the meeting.

The next NASC meeting will be held at the same facility, the Masonic Center in Arcadia, on Saturday, October 17th, at 10 a.m. Because it was missed in the August meeting (in part due to lack of time) I’ve asked for one of the agenda items for October to be to follow up on the topic of CSNA and NASC potentially merging into a new state-level organization. Assuming that discussion takes place, then we’d at least have some NASC input into a CSNA discussion at the meeting held in conjunction with CSNA’s Long Beach convention November 21-22. Both the NASC and CSNA meetings are open, so feel free to drop in...

May 2015 Summary

The following meeting notes are provided by Greg Burns and are sourced from the Summer 2015 edition of The California Numismatist.

NASC’s board meeting was held May 2nd in Arcadia (as usual). Due to some snafu or another I got there about 10 minutes late. Fortunately there were lots of exciting things yet to transpire.

Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman turned in his report (see an adaptation on page 8 of this issue). Short version is that a push by NASC Vice President Mike Kittle has boosted new member numbers compared to recent quarterly reports.

Though absent, Treasurer Tony Micciche had sent in his report showing total balances (excluding GSCS gold pieces) of $39721.49 as of 4/17/15. Kay Lenker had announced her retirement from the position in the February meeting and is now listed honorably as treasurer emeritus, and Tony’s stepped in to fill the role of treasurer. Good luck, Tony!

Awards Chair Joyce Kuntz was absent, but speaking as the Awards Recognition Event chair, Mike Kittle passed along that the event itself would be held again at Coco’s, nearby to the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) in August (see details elsewhere in this issue).

Oh, and as long as we’re talking about the awards, please do see the “Association News” section in this issue for information on submitting nominees. Joyce Kuntz is eagerly awaiting your suggestions.

As the CSNA representative to NASC, Howard Feltham gave a summary of much of the information from the first half of this column, and as TCN editor I gravely noted that my deadline was rapidly approaching, sternly admonishing those who owed me copy and information with horrific tribulations should they fail to produce the requisite material by the inviolable date. Like anyone cares.

Finance and Budget (Tony Micciche) was absent, as was Legal Advisor Jim Waldorf (though of course virtually all his interaction with the board is over the phone or by email these days). One legal item that generated discussion resulted in President Phil Iversen asking Mike Kittle to take charge of squaring away the association’s 501(c)(3) status, something that had been lacking recently. Being an attorney himself Mike’s up on all the legal mumbo-jumbo and was seen to confidently “get crackin’” with the new assignment.

Dues were discussed, and the NASC board favored the following two initiatives: first, finding a way to make a $10 membership category for a digital-only option for TCN; second, matching whatever CSNA did on their dues structure so that the two organi- zations would be compatible with each other (it may have been described a bit differently in the meeting, but this is the spin I’m putting on it here).

As mentioned on the preceding page, Mike had also been “crackin’” with getting new members, and during the membership committee report from Albertus Hoogeveen suggested hitting up the hundreds of dealers who line the halls of the Long Beach Expo. As an aid to that he asked that I find out the incremental cost to have extra TCN’s printed up as giveaways for such an effort. I’ll tell you what it is, but you’ll probably freak out when you see how inexpensive quality printing is once you have the costs of setting up the press covered: an additional 300 copies of TCN could be added on to our existing runs for around $125. And we could tack on an additional 1,000 copies on top of that for a yet-additional $420 or so. The first 700 we produce runs roughly $2,500 or thereabouts (not including postage). Mucho cheapo once you get into the big print run numbers. Now you know how Readers Digest manages it.

Member Club Gold Benefit Drawing Chair Harold Katzman stated that the gold drawing tickets had been mailed out to member clubs and others interested in the event, and introduced a motion to return any profits back to the clubs in proportion to their ticket sales. Motion passed. The drawing will have 35 gold coins, including a NGC MS-61 $10 Liberty, $5, 1856 Uncirculated $1, 1/10 ounce Maple Leaf, Austrian 10 corona, Netherlands 50 guilder, seven 21⁄2-pesos, seven 2-pesos, and 15 1/20 ounce gold pieces. Pretty impressive, huh? See the coordinator at your club for tickets, or email Harold at haroldkatzman@ directly.

Property and Publicity chairs were both absent, as was Speaker’s Bureau, so nothing to report from them.

We also deleted the old visual education library in the listing of committees because the bulk of that material has been disposed (much going to PCNS, who, as we understand it, plans on scanning much of it and making it available as a resource to other clubs).

Webmaster Jim Phillips said he’d been thinking about getting Paypal spun up on the site (as CSNA has done for their group), and I suppose that’s something that will need to be coordinated with Treasurer Tony Micciche. I also understood that the few medals left over in NASC’s inventory might be posted on the website for disposal, so if you’re interested in picking up some good deals that’s the place to head. If Jim doesn’t have them posted there yet simply contact him (info on the site) and I’m sure he’ll respond.

There was discussion on the upcoming GSCS at the end of the regular meeting. The general chair will be Alex Jaramillo, and as of the beginning of May more than 15 of the 40 available tables had been sold. Bourse Chair Howard Feltham was responsible for that, and he has a pretty good population of dealers to contact so I’m expecting a full and interesting bourse. The budget for the show was still “under construction”, but was expected within a couple of weeks. I haven’t seen it hitting my inbox yet, so it appears it’s a little late. See elsewhere in this issue for more information on the show, and if you’re in the area please do mark August 22-23 for a visit to the Arcadia Masonic Center in Arcadia where it’s held every year. Plus, as mentioned before, the banquet will be held that Saturday night at nearby Coco’s. They always put on a good feed. I see that it’s still in the $35 range. Well worth it.

Sadly, the NASC meeting, too, concluded without a discussion and general agreement on buying the TCN editor a new 2016 F-type convertible Jaguar (MSRP from $68,100).

The next NASC board meeting is to be held on GSCS’s final day (Sunday morning at 9), so drop by and say, “Hello”..

February 2015 Summary

(Appended to the NASC meeting notes is a survey that will be used at the up-coming CSNA meeting relating to the on-going discussion about the future of The California Numismatist.)

The following meeting notes are provided by Greg Burns and are sourced from the Spring 2015 edition of The California Numismatist.

NASC had a board meeting at the beginning of February. If I recall correctly we again failed to assemble a quorum, and I believe the general suggestion that the bar for that be lowered in the future was greeted with assent from everyone who showed up.

Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman reported that the $10-first-year membership initiative recently promoted by Mike Kittle was very successful (see Harold’s report on page 8), having generated 35 new members, and that he thought there were an additional dozen more new members to add over and above the number he had to report.

Treasurer Kay Lenker “passedthe checkbook” (so to speak) over to our new treasurer, Tony Micciche. Kay’s final report showed no income, minor expenses (I think both of those categories were low just due to the timing of the report), and a net worth of $41,082.79 (exclusive of whatever gold is held for this years gold drawing). In recognition of Kay’s outgoing status after many years volunteering as NASC’s treasurer, she was voted in as treasurer emeritus (a non-voting honorary title).

Historian George Moore III explained that he had been workingto bring the association’s albums upto date. If you’ve never seen themit’s a shame. They’re filled with news clippings, photos, and ephemera from many of the association events over the last six decades. Hopefully at some point George can bring them to anassociation event and put them on display for everyone to enjoy. We’ll have the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) later this year, and perhaps they can be available at the exhibit space or at the banquet. Keep your fingers crossed.

ANA Representative (and ANA President) Walt Ostromecki wasn’t able to attend, but sent in his reminder that the Long Beach Coin Club and NASC were jointly hosting the upcoming 2016 ANA convention at the Anaheim Convention Center, and that time was drawing short for the planning process to begin. Harold also mentioned that he was hoping to arrange to get one of the ANA traveling exhibits for the GSCS.

At the time of the meeting there was no chair for the awards and Joyce Kuntz offered to fill that role, an opportunity that President Phil Iversen took up as shown in the updated listof officers and chairs near the backof TCN. My guess is that Joyce will quickly have this in hand and give us a report at the next NASC meeting.

Another new appointment was Mike Kittle to chair the awards recognition event. Since this was a fresh appointment as well Mike didn’t really have a report, but I know he’s a detail-oriented and organized guy, so we’ll hear more from him on this topic in the next issue, I’m sure.

Joyce Kuntz is also the CSNA representative, and in that capacityreminded everyone of the upcoming CSNA educational symposiumin Long Beach on April 11. See our Calendar of Events in this issue, as well as the separate full-page ad, for all the details, including an orderform for the optional lunch duringthe event. Joyce also passed along the dates of November 21-22 for the Long Beach convention. You’ll see more details in the next issue, but you might as well mark your calendar now. Other news that Joyce passed along related to two new shows for CSNA in 2016 (bringing them to a total of three if I understood correctly), including “up north”, and that CSNA President Howard Feltham would be starting up a monthly newsletter at some point soon (hey, competition for TCN!).

I didn’t really have anything much to say about TCN, just that I was well on the path to completing this issue.

Finance and Budget Chair Tony Micciche had nothing to report.

Gold Benefit Drawing Chair Harold Katzman reported that the GSCS gold tickets would be available to start sales soon, and that the drawing would have an impressive $10 MS-61 gold coin as the top prize. I also understood that well-known Dwight Manley donated $1 and $5 BU gold coins for the drawing. Sounds like an impressive fund raiser on the way.

It was announced that the GSCS dates were locked in: 8/22 - 23 (not a huge surprise there). Alex Jaramillo, Howard Feltham, and Mary Yahalom are the El Segundo’s for this iteration, and they had an organizing meeting immediately following the board meeting, but I haven’t heard anything special that came out of that. I’m expecting another superb show.

You’ll notice that Jerry Yahalom has been assigned to handle the grievance committee. I don’t know how busy those folks get, there hasn’t been one filed in years. We must be a congenial lot.

As the newest co-chair listed for membership, Mike Kittle explained the success he had with the phenomenal number of new members he signed up. One, he tackled all of the dealers hard at the Long Beach Coin Show, and two, the low introductory price of $10 for the first year that the board had previously approved. Congratulations, Mike, keep at it!

Because we hadn’t been doing anything for several years with “medals and bars” (the medals in this case being the type pinned on one’s lapelor jacket), President Iversen decided to retire this committee. However, the board felt there may be a market for whatever’s left over, and the suggestion was made to list them (both medals and the year-bars that hung from them) on the association website to see if they could be sold.

The policies and procedures committee is going to be headed up by Harold Katzman. He’s soliciting input from the various positions, and I understand that the plan is to publish the “P&P’s” on the association website.

Though there was no coverage for the property chair position, in the days after the meeting Phil e-mailed me that Robert Wu would take on that position from this point forward. Welcome aboard, Robert!

Publicity Chair Bob Thompson was absent, so there was no report on what’s happening there.

Just like with the medals “committee”, Phil decided to drop “signs”. Iunderstand that Don and Terry Foster have moved to Banning (Don having been “the sign guy”). I hope we see them at some of our future events, and wish them well in their new neighborhood.

Sergeant at Arms Glenn Frank was absent, but like I said previously, this is a pretty congenial group, so I doubt he’ll have to do much in the way of quelling riots or dispelling vociferous malcontents.

Speakers Bureau Chair Virginia Bourke was absent, so no report from that activity.

Speaking on behalf of the old Visual Education Library (which as I understand it is almost completely dispersed at this point), Phil mentioned that 18 sets of slides went to Pacific Coast Numismatic Society, and that he understood they planned on scanning them and making them widely available for others to use. Nice folks.

Webmaster Jim Phillips reported that he would be working with Tony Micciche in the coming weeks and months to get a Paypal account up and running for NASC (I see that CSNA has one going now as well). This could be used for paying dues, contributing donations, and any other transfer of funds (maybe purchase banquet tickets or do patron donations as well).

We covered some old business in a light and circuitous fashion. Because Walt was absent we didn’t cover in depth any of the necessary discussion on the rapidly impending ANA convention in 2016. Sounds like a long ways off, but it isn’t.

NASC also tabled any discussion on the “TCN - digital versus print” topic currently going the roundsbetween NASC and CSNA. As a reminder, NASC is firmly in the “print” camp, at least for the moment, while CSNA voted last year to terminate print in favor of digital, but is now apparently softening that position, with more CSNA discussion to take place at the upcoming executive board meeting in Tulare in mid-March. More to report on that topic in next issue.

For new business, we found to our horror that NASC’s non-profit status apparently lapsed in 2010. Mike Kittle (himself a lawyer), seemed fairly well versed in the process to get re-upped for that. Sounds like the reapplication would take $400-850 or so, and hopefully could be done in a way that would be retroactive to 2010, so that there’d be no effective lapse at that reinstatement point. Pretty shakey right now though, and the group has sent off the issue for review with Legal Advisor Jim Waldorf.

Alex Jaramillo was made a life member in recognition of his service as president.

Kay Lenker resigned her position as board member, and will attend future meetings as a representative of the Inter-Club Numismatic Council of San Diego (that’s a mouthful). To fill that vacated seat President Iversen appointed Robert Wu to the board. Welcome aboard again, Robert!

Gary Beedon donated a PA system for association use. Thanks Gary!

The next NASC board meeting will be on May 2nd, at 10AM in the usual Duarte location. See you there!

tcn survey

November 2014

Following the November NASC Board Meeting Summary is a talking points article from the CSNA September Board Meeting The summary was written by Greg Burns related to the future of the TCN. It is provided to give context to the discussion by the NASC Board at the November meeting. JP

IMG 0224

The NASC’s meeting was held November 15th in Duarte at the Masonic Hall in that town.

Treasurer Kay Lenker handed out a report showing the NASC’s finances through 10/14/14 as having a net worth of $41,578.22. Money came in and money went out, and Kay counted all of it.

You can read up on Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman’s report in the beginning pages of this issue of TCN, but the short version was that no new members joined.

Turns out that President Jaramillo was able to enlist George Moore III
to step into the role of Historian for the association. George didn’t have a report for the meeting, but I’m sure will have an update for us next time around. There’s a pile of scrap books, ephemera, trophy’s, and other association materials to sort through. Probably make an interesting historical display at the next Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) in August 2015.

Walt Ostromecki gave us a report on the doings over at the ANA. It’s an election year for them (please vote if a member), their net worth is up around $73M (that’s “M” for a million), and they’re working to digitize all of the past copies of The Numismatist (an extremely worthwhile project in my opinion). Good report, Walt!

Finance and Budget Chair Tony Micciche reported that NASC’s financial picture brightened by a helpful $875.12 over the past year. The sole sponsorship of the GSCS is a good part of that, as well as the “in the black” status of the gold drawing (Harold Katzman reported that the net income from that noble effort was a tad under $1,500).

Speaking further on the Member Club Gold Benefit Drawing (as it’s formally titled), Harold Katzman lead the NASC group to approve a $3,000 budget for the 2015 event, and if it’s anything like the 2014 drawing, it too should pull it’s weight, and then some.

Previous GSCS Bourse Chair Kay Edgerton Lenker announced she would retire from this position and the committee, so that leaves an opening on the committee and an unfilled chair role. Looks like incoming President Phil Iversen already has a staffing “op- portunity”. Good luck, Phil!

Visual Education Library Chair Phil Iversen (I’m guessing he’ll need some help with this considering his newly increased workload as President) announced that the slide and related materials would be donated to the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society, who’s offered to take custodianship of them. My understanding is that they plan on digitizing much of the material to make it available more broadly and easily.

Carrying on a common theme, Webmaster Jim Phillips lead a discussion around introducing Paypal as a payment method to NASC. While the details would be firmed up within the next few months, the basic concept was well received and a vote on the subject fairly easily passed. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Most of the remainder of the chair positions were either absent or had little or nothing to report.

Just like with CSNA, and because of the confusion of the last administration’s handling of elections, it turns out that this year NASC also had an election cycle. The new slate of officers is listed in President Jaramillo’s message on page four of this issue, the group being headed up by the incoming president, Phil Iversen.

Covering “new business”, we briefly discussed the 2016 Anaheim ANA show (August 9-13 of that year). NASC will be co-host of that show, so looks like Phil will again have some extra helpings on his plate.

The dates for next year’s GSCS are set for August 22/23, so might as well update your calendar now (it’ll be held at the Masonic hall in Duarte, same as this year).

The NASC crowd discussed the CSNA action regarding a digital-only TCN, and voted to continue TCN as a print journal and to work with sister CSNA to resolve their past motion. For those of you who’d noted the Coin World article by Paul Gilkes in their November 17 issue (page 42), NASC President Jaramillo noted that he hadn’t provided input to the article, though Gilkes states he hadn’t received a response. In any event, the article makes for good reading if you get a chance, and as noted earlier in the column, both NASC and CSNA have some work to do to figure out a final stance, and if the prior CSNA vote holds, how to implement that decision (won’t be easy). The next NASC meeting will be in Duarte at the Masonic hall on February 21, 2015, at 10AM.

From the September CSNA Board Meeting Summary:

The big news out of the September meeting was a vote which passed the executive body that would make the CSNA journal an electronic-only publication. The rationale was that with TCN as the association’s biggest expense, the easiest way to balance the budget and ensure long-term financial viability was to eliminate the printing and mailing burden. The vote was very close, in fact tied, in which case then-President Turrini cast the deciding vote towards an exclusively digital publication.

Obviously, such a change would require some type of coordination with co-sponsor NASC (TCN being a joint publication of the two associations). There wasn’t a lot of discussion about how the change would be implemented or who would be taking on whatever roles came out of that activity, but what did pass was the basic concept that support for a printed journal would cease with the beginning of 2016, so that would make the winter 2015 issue the last with CSNA financial support.

The NASC response at their meeting was to refuse that approach, preferring to stick with a printed journal. Many of our readers have expressed a preference, both for portability as well as the general reading experience. Of course, there’s always been the ability to get TCN digitally from (only the most recent issue is restricted to only the first three pages, while earlier issues are posted in their entirety in PDF format).

So we have a bit of an impasse at this point, one organization (CSNA) with an initiative to go all-digital, and the other (NASC) intending to stick with the print journal (though supplemented by a digital version on-line). The two stances are inherently incompatible financially. NASC can’t generate the funding to publish TCN in its current format by itself, so if CSNA continues down that stated path it would mean the end of the journal as now formatted.

In looking at why there is a publication to begin with, the following points are certainly leaders:

• Permanent record of the written association history.

• Repository for photographs from association events.

• Venue for member articles and research findings.

• Highly archivable and portable.

• Provides members a sense of connection to the association.

Of course a digital-only journal is more searchable than a print-only (though we currently offer both). Digital journals have freedom from the usually stringent publication cycle and cost of printed journals, though the printed copy has greater familiarity, especially among older members. And a print journal usually is restricted to a firmly fixed format (for example, TCN is 51⁄2 by 81⁄2 inches), while digital versions aren’t bound by any specific size or aspect ratio. Finally, moving away from a print journal begs the question of why even have a “publication” at all: if the means of communicating with the members is digital, then a website or other digital alternative may serve many, if not all, of the purposes of a printed magazine.

Since that September meeting there has been some later mentions within CSNA of refining or refuting the earlier vote to an all-digital publication, but so far nothing formal or firmed-up. So our view of the road ahead is a bit murky at this point, but for now we’re good through the end of 2015 at least. Got a thought or opinion on the topic? Let us know.

August 2014

Your NASC Board hard at work during the August 2014 General meeting.

Board Mtg Aug 2014

(The following report is provided by Greg Burns from the August NASC Board meeting held prior to the golden State Coin Show. THANK YOU, Greg!!)

I only have the NASC board meeting to report on this quarter. They had their get-together during the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) in Arcadia at the end of August. See elsewhere in this issue for the report on the show and the banquet that Saturday evening. In this column I’ll just focus on the board meeting items.

After the usual pledge of allegiance and pleasantries we first heard from Treasurer Kay Edgerton Lenker with her financial report. The numbers are down a tad, but not much different from the first NASC board meeting I went to some twelve and a half years ago. The coffers have a reported $41,959.57 in them, though the most recent TCN bill hadn’t been paid to CSNA yet, and we were due some minor ad income from CSNA to balance out things between the two as- sociations. The editor’s still driving an aging 10-year-old Toyota (no Jaguar), but what’s new about that?

Corresponding Secretary Harold Katzman enthusiastically provided his report as well as an update on the Member Club Gold Benefit Drawing, which at the time (and as later re- ported) was judged successful, having slightly more than covered the cost of the gold and other expenses.

ANA President Walt Ostromecki reported (as NASC’s “ANA Representative”) on the turbulence with the Kennedy gold proof half dollar dis- tribution (see Jim Hunt’s ANA Report elsewhere in this issue for more info). Walt said they had somewhere around 9,500 in attendance at the ANA show, and that the next would be in Portland in March of next year. The new ANA Web site is still evolving (browse to, and an initial look-see shows a smartly styled site that still needs to be filled-in in places. One exciting piece of news was Walt’s telling us of the ANA digitizing 127 years of The Numismatist for inclusion on their site, accessible for scanning and miscellaneous research. Very welcome! Walt said there were 76 pre-registered for the scout workshop at GSCS, and to that the NASC board replied with $54 to pick up half the cost of coin albums for the attendees.

Awards and banquet activities planned for that evening were reported by George Moore to be well on-track, being emceed by Ostromecki, with table favors arranged by Terry Foster.

Amazingly enough (you can breathe now), NASC’s Finance and Budget committee reports that we’re up $1,900 for the year. What’s that all about? Saving up for a Jaguar? Though there wasn’t a written report, my understanding was that this was due to some reduction in TCN expenses (more reductions are on the way!) as well as just the way the penny bounces. More next quarter.

Phil Iversen reported on the upcoming CSNA symposium in Sacramento on October 11 (details elsewhere in this issue). I’m planning on dinner Saturday night at Zocalo (a great Mexican restaurant). Jeff Shevlin and his better-half, Cecilia, are joining Elena and me; let me know if you’d like to hook up. Should be a hoot.

There was a flurry of “nothing to report” for several committees (or something equivalent), till we had Bob Thompson stand up (he’s our publicity chair) and tell us about all the things that were done to publicize the GSCS. Man, that guy’s been busy! I think he’d been bending the ear of every “calendar of events” coordinator at every little community newspaper between Santa Clarita and San Diego. We also threw some $800 at Beacon Media for localized advertising, so hope that paid off in increased GSCS attendance, and hope the dealers appreciate it as well. Thanks for the hard work, Bob!

Don Foster continued his support of GSCS by making up the various signage you might have seen around the venue, including dealer signs.

Tony Micciche, taking a cue from last year’s GSCS, advised the Arcadia police department up-front that we’d be having armed security at the show (wanting to avoid any excitement such as was evident at last year’s event). At the same time Tony saved some $700 over previous shows’ security costs here in 2014. Good job, Tony!

Phil Iversen pitched opening up the disposal of the Visual Education Library to any coin club (not just NASC member clubs)—see the blurb on page 57 for more info!

Let’s see, this is the 21st century, right? Well, as proof of that, it seems NASC is now giving the green light to implementing Paypal on the www. site for the use by members for paying dues, whatever. Webmaster Jim Phillips will be investigating the necessary steps to deploy this in the coming months, so perhaps we’ll have an electronic option for membership renewals next year. Jim reports that the site is getting about 300 hits a month. Now we just have to get those browsers to sign up.

There was nothing to report for Workshops or YN’s (Don Berry was absent), so we moved on to old business (short discussion on GSCS), then new business (elections, whatever). As I understood it, we’d previously changed our election year from odd to even, so 2014 (now) is the time to vote. Alex Jaramillo is apparently stuck with acting as nominations chair, as no one else volunteered for the duty. Poor Alex. Gonna have to hubba-hubba to get this done in time for a January installation. Keep your fingers crossed, and if you’re feeling charitable, call Alex and offer to help with some part of that.

Combined with the topic of a new president and executive board (hoping one actually materializes), it’s noted that the NASC is slated to co-sponsor the upcoming ANA Anaheim show in 2016, along with the Long Beach Coin Club. This is a big responsibility, and will need someone willing to grab the reins to ensure a successful event.

Not much else to report upon at this point (or at least I’m running out of space), so
again, if you’re going to
be in Sacramento for the CSNA symposium in October, look for the bald guy and say, “Hi!”...

May 2014

NASC held their latest board meeting on May 18 in Arcadia (the usual place at the Masonic facility there). Attendance was reasonable and a quorum attained.

Harold Katzman presented his corresponding secretary’s report, suggesting that the association create an e-mail address list of the member clubs. I wasn’t sure that anyone took that task on, but sounds like a good idea and one that would help ensure that club representatives would get timely notice of association meetings. (Remember that NASC is primarily a “confederation of clubs” rather than an association focused on individual members.) Harold also noted that Pay- pal was soliciting the creation of an on-line account, a feature that would allow individuals and clubs to pay membership dues on-line.

Treasurer Kay Edgerton Lenker presented her report, showing total assets of $38,832.12 (not including gold purchased for the drawing at the August show). I’m guessing that when the gold is included the number’s slighly north of $40k.

President Alex Jaramillo again pleaded for someone to take up the reins of the historian position, vacated when Nona Moore passed away. There are some scrap books involved (kind of a custodial thing), which includes the need to add new photos and other materials to them, and perhaps a bucketful of trophies and other hardware items. If you have an interest in helping, I’m pretty sure Alex will love youforever. You could probably press him for flowers and chocolates, too.

Walt Ostromecki was not present to provide a report on ANA doings, but you can peruse Jim Hunt’s column for some of the basic info on that organization and their current activities.

Chairing of the awards committee is also an empty seat, and another area where Alex could use some help. This position coordinates voting on the various awards presented by the association, and so really only has a burst of activity at one point in the year, being pretty much dormant the remaining nine or ten months.

George Moore passed along the arrangements for the Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) banquet on August23. I believe we’ll have the details elsewhere in this issue, but the basics involve a return to Coco’s and a price of $35. Sounds like a delicious bargain to me.

NASC’s CSNA representative, Phil Iversen, gave a report on the latest CSNA doings, including a brief report on the Southern California Educational Symposium, the upcoming event in Northern California, and the November 22-23 Long Beach show, which will include an evening banquet, anda Boy Scout merit badge workshop. See elsewhere in this issue formore information on each of these events.

As editor I passed along an update to the workflow process here at TCNheadquarters. Starting with the issue you now hold in your hands we’ve switched our printing and mailing company over to Johnson Press of America (JPA). Those who know me know how much I enjoyed working with Layton Printing here in SoCal, but the economic realities of the publi- cation continue to press us, especially with our inability to increase (or even maintain) our membership levels. I’ll miss Layton very much, but am looking forward to forging a positive relationship with JPA going forward. Their pricing is hard to beat (well, in fact,it can’t be beat; that was the whole point), the print samples I’ve reviewed were up to our usual professional quality standards, and while there’s a minor increase in the work I’ll have to do as publisher, the workflow trials we jointly performed worked flawlessly. They’re a terrific company and very capable. Wish us luck!

I also suggested that the associations (both NASC and CSNA) consider the topic of succession planning when it comes to TCN. While I have no active plans at the moment to retire my role as editor and publisher, it’s only prudent to recognize that nothing lasts forever, and it would be good to have some backup plans in place in case I hit the lottery and take off on a year-long world tour. Actually, this is a vulnerability in all of the positions— virtually no one is being groomed to come up the ladder.

Finance and Budget Chair Tony Micciche noted that our asset numbers over the last year were down around $1,800.

The ever-energetic Harold Katzman, in his role as Member Club Gold Benefit Drawing chair,stated that they had 4,000 ticket books printed up, and that as of May 9 he had distributed 3,200 of them to 21 clubs. There will be 35 gold coins, and sounds like this effort should be another success, same as last year’s. Harold is happy to arrange for more tickets, and interested individuals and clubs can contact him at his e-mail address: Up- to-date information on the event can also be found on NASC’s website at

The GSCS committee passed along some information on the pending August show (see details elsewhere in this issue). A change this year will be the planned availability of on-site food service all day long for both Saturday and Sunday. Now that’s convenient! One area where the committee could use some help would be bourse coor- dination. See Alex Jaramillo or Kay Edgerton Lenker for more informa- tion.

Regarding membership work, Albertus Hoogeveen again reiterated his attendance at a table at the Long Beach Coin Show, promoting NASC and other area clubs.

I had nothing to report regarding photography, with TCN really serving as the container for whatever images I’ve personally shot or otherwise col- lected of association events.

Harold Katzman had previously taken up the other principaltask vacated by Nona Moore, that of chairing the Policies and Procedures (P&P) committee. As part of his initial work in that arena Harold presenteda proposal of a by-laws revision for NASC, and the assenting vote was so fast I actually saw Harold’s head spin around several times in amazement.The significant parts were alleviat- ing the problem of failing to achievea quorum for purposes of voting on association business (I’m not sure it was clearly expressed though, and may need further clean-up), allowing a second term for the president and vice president positions, and a minor restructuring of the timing of the nominating committee’s work. Next on Harold’s to-do list for the P&P committee is starting the long overdue cleanup of these ancient documents. Good luck with that, Harold!

Publicity Chair Bob Thompson reported that he’d been working on getting out advance information onthe GSCS to both numismatic publications (Numismatic News, etc.) as well as general public outlets (Westways magazine among others, both on-line and hopefully the print versions). The public outlets are an important avenue that few numismatic organizations employ, probably because of the expense. But if we want to pull in new collectors that’s probably one area we need to mine further.

Don Foster was absent due to previous work arrangements, but sent along his offer of providing new items from the Signs committee in support of the GSCS and whatever other activities could use those services.

Phil Iversen updated us on the efforts to dispose of the remaining materials in the Audio/Visual Education Library. See page opposite for info on NASC member clubs acquiring any of the remaining assets.

Speaker’s Bureau Chair Virginia Bourke was absent, as was Webmaster Jim Phillips and YN Chair Don Berry, and Sergeant at Arms Alex Jaramillo had nothing to report (we’re a well-behaved group), so wrapping up with the Workshops committee, Harold Katzman briefly mentioned his efforts to come up with a speaker for the GSCS.

As mentioned in Alex Jaramillo’s president’s report, the next NASC board meeting will be an open one taking place during the GSCS. The time will be 8:30 AM at the Arcadia Masonic Center, 50 W. Duarte Road. Be there or be a rectangular quadrilateral.

February 2014

IMG 0444

Your NASC Board members hard at work during the meeting held 9 February 2014.

The NASC held a board meeting in February. Through some last minute finagling (assigning me as a club rep for one thing) we managed to squeak out a quorum to enable us to vote on various items. You’ll remember that at the previous NASC board meeting we couldn’t cut the mustard due to a lack of voting members.

The treasurer’s report shows NASC coffers with $39,649.66. Like CSNA, NASC also voted to raise dues (‘bout time), so that will have a positive influence, assuming that folks don’t drop their memberships at any greater rate than usual because of it.

ANA President Walt Ostromecki gave an update on that group’s activities. Sounded like good things were happening with their budget, upcoming shows, and some significant donations (over $100,000).

George Moore reported that attendance at the Awards Recognition Events have been getting lower over the years. The last only had 22 people. Still in the planning mode for the next one upcoming in August.

Harold Katzman reported that the Member Club Gold Benefit Drawing from last August had a net profit of $1,243.52. The group voted a budget of $2,700 for the 2014 effort.

NASC’s medals inventory continues to drop. No more are being made and the few in stock occasionally sell. There are a couple of silver ones left and few than 200 overall.

NASC President Jaramillo appeared to breathe a great sigh of relief when Harold Katzman agreed to take on the chair position for the Policies and Procedures (P&P) Committee.

Phil Iversen asked the assembly what to do with the remains of the Visual Education Library (slides, film, whatever). He was asked to make an inventory listing in the next few weeks to enable further discussion.

New Webmaster Jim Phillips reported that the site was up and running and getting good reports. Go take a visit and let him know what you think!

Like CSNA, NASC also discussed the issue of the storage space, and agreed to dispose of unneeded materials in cooperation with CSNA. There was the discussion about separate spaces previously mentioned, or perhaps at least moving to another, smaller and less expensive space.

Our officer terms (which were mistakenly extended during the last term) should be put back on track by having a new installations of officer by the Golden State Coin Show in August of 2015. There will need to be some P&P changes to enable that.

The next NASC board meeting is scheduled for May 18 at 10AM at the Masonic facility in Arcadia. Be there or be square (or circular, polygonal, amorphous, or some other form)…

(Information provided by Greg Burns via The California Numismatist)

November 2013

Only 12 folks showed up for the November NASC board meeting. With 40 elected and committee chair positions, it was disappointing (though some folks serve more than one position). Two of the last three meetings failed to attain a quorum.

The treasurer’s report indicated a Golden State Coin Show (GSCS) and gold drawing profit of around $2,400, and Micciche’s Budget and Finance analysis indicated we came in for the past year with about an $850 loss, not as good as we hoped for or need in order to stay solvent. Biggest expense is TCN, the second is our storage facility shared with CSNA. Net worth hovers at $40,703.10.

The historian position is still open, and it now appears the policy and procedure committee chair position is open as well. If you have any interest in either of these areas please contact Alex Jaramillo and receive his undying gratitude.

Walt Ostromecki gave a report on ANA activities, and said that the member database and website reconstruction efforts were still on schedule and hopefully still on budget.

Next August 23-24, 2014 is the planned weekend for NASC’s GSCS.

We wondered whether we should continue with banquets, perhaps finding other options for presenting awards, etc. Perhaps we could present awards at local clubs or at the NASCmeetings and just run pictures in TCN. That way we’d avoid “minimum” head count charges at banquet facilities (which lately haven’t been met).

Phil Iversen reported the transfer of NASC Visual Education Library material to the CSNA Library (VHS tapes). We still retain some film and slide material, and are looking for ways to responsibly “deaccession” that material, hopefully to a custodian that can properly decide on conservation or disposal. Got suggestions?

Though not present at the meeting new Webmaster Jim Phillips has been making changes to Have you noticed? Do you have comments? Well, send them in!

The concluding item was how to get back on the proper election cycle track (slipped almost a year). More on that in next issue.

The next NASC board meeting will be on February 9, 2014, at 10 a.m. at the Duarte Masonic facility (as usual).

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