2015 GSCS and Gold Coin Drawing

NASC Medallion

Sponsored by the Numismatic Association of Southern California

GSCS Report 


The 2015 Golden State Coin Show was well attended and by all accounts a success. Business was good for the dealers, which means many collectors found happy additions for their collections (or in some cases happy sales from their collections). The following event photos share a bit of what went on at the show and, in particular, the Saturday evening banquet… 

Mary Yahalom (center) along with her sister, Sue, and Alex Jaramillo, staffed the registration desk to the show and as you can see by the look of delight on Alex’s face, were quite eager to collect showgoers entry fees. Dealers reported above-average attendance at the show, so it looks like the extra advertising paid off for everyone.

The morning of the show, ANA President Walt Ostromecki presented Harold Katzman with an ANA Presidential Award for Harold’s significant contributions to the hobby, and for his participation on the ANA’s policies and procedures committee in particular. The handsomely framed award was accompanied by a enameled lapel pin with the same theme.

At the Saturday evening banquet Mary Yahalom and Don Foster (center) had to bribe adultbeverage guard G. Lee Kuntz to part with some of the available wares. Let’s hope that Lee turned in the cash to the restaurant at the end of the evening; we’d like to be welcomed back next year. 

The banquet was again held at the Coco’s in Arcadia, a venue that’s always been a reliable treat, both from the just-the-right-size of the facility, to the friendly hospitality and plenty of delicious food served up by hostess Cindy. Salad, salmon, chicken, prime rib, rice, pota- toes, vegetables, and a bevy of desserts and beverages greeted the lucky attendees.

Exhibits Chairman Roy Iwata (center) presents the first place exhibit award to Ken Spindler (left) for his exhibit on “The Story of Chinese Chopmarked Silver Coins”, and the second place exhibit award to Phil Iversen for his exhibit “Fiesta De Los Angeles”.

Jeff Stahl received the Speaker of the Year Award, presented here by Awards Chair Joyce Kuntz, for his many forays out to various Southern California clubs to share his knowledge and stories on a variety of topics. Jeff’s current passion is for Mexican coinage.

Awards for outstanding 2014 club newsletters went to: 1st—Bay Cities Coin Club (Editor Jack von Bloecker,
now deceased, and accepted
on behalf of the club by Phil Iversen, right), 2nd—Hemet Numismatists (Editor Jim Phillips, center), and 3rd—the Glendale Coin Club (Editor Mike Kittle, left). 

The following were recognized
for their years of membership. Twenty-five years: Scott Travis and Arri Jacob. Fifty years: California Exonumist Society, Verdugo Hills Coin Club (VHCC), Richard Stri- ley, Edwin Bulujian, Joel Rettew, William Barrett, Michael Zagorin, and Douglass Robinson. Photo shows Phil Iversen (left) congratu- lating Don Berry of VHCC.

Current President Phil Iversen made a presentation to Outgoing President Alex Jaramillo (left), thanking him for his years of service to NASC as the previous president.

Awards Recognition Event Chair- man Mike Kittle (left) presents Master of Ceremonies Harold Katzman with a token of apprecia- tion.

Left: Joyce Kuntz presents the Junior Achievement Award
to Adrian Drouin. 

Left: Joyce also presented a well deserved Richard P. Goodson award to Greg Burns. 

(Photo’s provided by Greg Burns via the Fall Issue of The California Numismatist)

NASC Gold Drawing Synopsis

Congratulations to all the Gold Ticket Winners!!! (Ed.)


 COIN                             WINNER                          CLUB                       .

2 ½ Peso                       Merrill Demory                  Orange County C.C.
50 Guilders                  Shawna Given                    Upland C.C
2 Peso                           Michael Turrini                  CSNA
1/20 Maple Leaf           Virginia Fitz                       Upland C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf           Lynn Chu                           Orange County C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf           Mel Hodell                         Upland C.C.
2 Peso                            Tyler Gobble                      Bay Cities C.C.
2 ½ peso                        Ted Koopman                     Show Dealer
1/20 Maple Leaf           Del Rosa Stamp & Coins  Show Dealer
2 ½ Peso                        Scott Gobble                       Bay Cities C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf           John Barkley                      unknown
1/20 Maple Leaf           San Diego Numis. Soc.       SDNS
2 peso                            Kay Lenker                         SDNS
2 ½ Peso                       Jess Hoogeveen                   Downey Numismatist
1/20 Maple Leaf          Jerry Bodenhorn                Hemet Numismatist
1/20 Maple Leaf           Ian Fagan                           Burbank C.C.
$5 US                            E. Edgemon                        Covina C.C.
2 Peso                           RAM                                    Glendale C.C.
2 ½ peso                       Matt Candela                      Upland C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf          Robert Thompson              Verdugo Hills C.C.
10 Corona                    San Diego Numis. Soc.        SDNS
2 ½ Peso                       Jean LeFevre                       Verdugo Hills C.C.
2 ½ Peso                       Glendale Coin Club            Glendale Coin Club
1/20 Maple Leaf           Earnest Rodriguez             Unknown
1856 $1 US                   Harold Katzman                 Upland C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf           Lynn Chu                            Greater Orange C.C.C.
2 Peso                           Mark Baskin                       Covina C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf           Ron Stone                            Upland C.C.
$10 US MS-61              William Pierson                  Hemet Numismatists
1/20 Maple Leaf           Roy Iwata                            Whittier C.C.
2 Peso                           Tony Micciche                      SBCCC
2 Peso                           L. Buck                                 Woodland Hills C.C.
1/20 Maple Leaf          Alex Jaramillo                      SBCCC 
1/20 Maple Leaf          J.H. Stallings                        Bay Cities C.C.      
1/20 Maple Leaf          Don Chovanec                      Leisure World C.C

NASC GOLD DRAWING TICKET INCOME & BOOKS  SOLD % OF Sale & club $$$ bonus Aug. 2015

CLUB                     TOTAL $    TOTAL BKS    BONUS SPIFF     %SOLD           BONUS $__   


CLUB                  2013       2014      2015    DIFF.14/15     % +/-.
BAY CITIES             75              50         100           + 50                + 200%
BURBANK                55             60          90             + 30                + 150%
CES                            10               0            0              -                     -
CHULA VISTA         36             52           35             -17                 -  33%
COVINA****           400            300         302          + 2                  +  1%
COINEERS**           NA            14           42           + 28                 +  300%
CSNA                          50                0          40           + 40                 ++++++
DOWNEY                  80             100         100          EVEN             EVEN
GLENDALE****      274            203        300          + 97                + 48%
GREATER OCC       180            143        182          + 39                + 27%
HEMET                      125            210        214          + 4                  +  2%
HEARTLAND***      46               38         92           + 54               + 242%
LEISURE WORLD    0               50          68            + 18               +  36%
INS OF SD                   16             25          34           +  9                 +  36%
LONG BEACH           162           111        116          +  5                 +   5%
SAN BCCC                  436           238        124         - 114               -  52%
SAN DIEGO NS          61             90          116         + 26                + 29%
UPLAND                      482          301        409*        +108              + 36%
VERDUGO HILLS      90            80         120          + 40               + 50%
WHITTIER                  45            40          56            +16               + 40%
WOODLAND HILLS  89           80          100          +20                + 25%

TOTAL BOOKS      2,587         2,248       2,613        + 365            + 16%

??   = For some reason I don’t have this number in my file.
*     =  Most books sold and receives Silver eagle bonus.
**    = Best increase over last year.
***   = Best Percentage increase over last year.
**** = Exceeded 300 books and receives bonus silver dollar.
Two Clubs SDNS and Glendale won gold coins (SDNS won 2).
Fifteen (15) of the 21 clubs selling had at least 1 winner.  Eight had 2 or more.
Eighteen (18) of the 21 clubs sold MORE ticket this year vs. last year.

On behalf of the Nona G. Moore Member Club Benefit Gold Drawing we extend our congratulations on a super job.  Next year will be even bigger.

Harold Katzman, Gold Drawing Chairman

More Information will be posted as it becomes available!!


Arcadia Masonic Center                                                                                        50 West Duarte Road, Arcadia, CA  

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