Numismatic Association of Southern California...the premier organization for coin clubs and coin collectors in the land of palm trees, sunshine, and orange juice!

Current News:

1. The next NASC meeting has been scheduled for 8:30 AM on Saturday, 22 August prior to the start of the first day of the Golden State Coin Show at the Arcadia Masonic Lodge (50 W. Duarte Rd. Arcadia). A summary of the last meeting is posted in the NASC Board Meeting Info section. If you are a Club Officer, Board member, Member Club Representative, or an interested Club member please attend.Also, since this will be prior to the show, why not stop by early and see for yourself how your organization works!

2. PAYPAL IS HERE! Your Webmaster finally got around to installing PayPal or credit card as a payment option for membership and Gold Drawing Ticket purchases. I have also left the traditional mail-in form for membership application as well. Both options can be found at the NASC Membership and Store page. As a special incentive offer to new members, for a limited time only, the NASC is offering an annual membership for $10.00! If anyone has any problems please feel free to send me an e-mail atjimjumper@hughes.netand I’ll be happy to fix any problem you may have!

3.There is an on-going discussion about the future of The California Numismatist. For an informative view see the Board Meeting section for a complete discussion summary. If you have any opinions on the subject, please be sure to let any Club Officer know so that important decisions aren’t made in a vacuum! Or better yet, attend a Board meeting and voice your opinion in person!

4.Based upon a general consensus at the last NASC Board meeting, it was decided to maintain an independent coin show and event list on this site. If you know of any shows, educational events, or if you are show promotor wishing to advertise your show, please e-mail me at jimjumper@hughes.net to make any additions or corrections to this list.

5. There is now a section titled“In Memorium of Our Dedicated Members” for the posting of informaton related to the passing of our members. Memebers feel free to submit any information you wish posted to jimjumper@hughes.net and I will add the info to the page.

6. I have added a section titled“Truths, Fables, and History”. I will be updating it monthly with informational bits and pieces that I run across or am asked to post. There will be no “ rhyme or reason” to the posts, so stop by and see whats new! Or if you feel generous send me something interesting and perhaps I’ll post it there. Currently there is a survey from the Portland ANA Show. I will generally be updating the site in conjunction with the publication of the TCN but time-sensitive info will be posted as neccesary. Let me know if there are any complaints orsuggestions. :)

2015 Officers

President: Phil Iversen

phil-2 med

Vice President: Mike Kittle

LBE Jun2012 HallWithWinnersMeskoKittle

Corresponding Secretary: Harold Katzman


Recording Secretary: Albertus Hoogeveen


Treasurer: Tony Micciche


Historian: George Moore III

George Moore

Board Members:

Jim Phillips,HowardFeltham, Bob Thompson,Glen Franks,Kay Lenker,Don Berry,and Alex Jaramillo (Immediate Past President)


Webmaster Info: 951-551-9480 Fax: 951-767-1633

A little bit about us:

The NASC is a major force in Southern California numismatics, representing some three dozen member coin clubs and several hundred individual members. Including the participants of the member coin clubs we reach many hundreds on the Southern California coin collecting scene. They've all discovered that the NASC is a unifying organization providing numismatic learning opportunities such as our visual education library, the coordination of program speakers for area coin clubs, and co-hosting the Golden State Coin Show—the major state level coin club oriented coin show in Southern California. Material from our award winning publication, The California Numismatist, containing articles on coin collecting, numismatic history, upcoming coin shows, and information on our member coin clubs, is also an important benefit to our members.

I have added a new comments box to the website, (see below), in an effort to solicit opinions from the general membership. If you are interested in a formal Blog/Forum section please let me know through the comments box.

Comments Welcome! Please contact me if you have any ideas for the site or just generally want to let me know about anything that might need changing or you thinkneeds improving.

If you wish to be added to the NASC e-mail list please send me your contact info via the comments box and I will forward it to the list manager.

Last Update:

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